Thursday, January 1, 2015

Winter Camo and Dots

I, like many women, have a husband obsessed with camo.  I swear he has a radar for it or something!  We could be in Home Goods and he will find the one thing with camo on it!  Anyway, it was his turn to pick my polish and he wanted camo.  So, he chose some Russian "winter" camo pattern for me to emulate.

This is my masterpiece (not!):

Here is the pattern I was supposed to copy.  Let's just say that my first camo attempt was not as expected...

I'm not entirely sure how I didn't grasp the horizontal line concept here and got so far off track.  As it was a "dots" challenge month, I had to incorporate some and they turned out to be my favorite part of the mani.

Here is what I used for this look:

I started with a white undie over my base coat to help the holo pop.  It's too bad I haven't learned how to properly capture holo polish with my camera and a light box.  Something to work toward in 2015.  This is a photo I took with my phone when there was a glimpse of sunshine while at work.

Take A Trek was slightly disappointing in application as it was streaky on the first coat.  I was thicker with it on the second coat and it evened out fairly well.  The shimmer is beautiful on it!  So much so, that I decided to put it on my toes.  Too bad my toes aren't seeing any kind of sunshine or publicity these days (winter).  LOL!  I tried my camo technique with the other colors and used them for dotting as well.  I topped everything off with a coat of Seche Vite.

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  1. The camo print doesn't look too bad. Kind of has an abstract feel to them.

  2. Thanks Lisa! You are way too kind. :)