Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beach time!

No, I am not longing for summer already!  I mean winter is barely off the ground here.  I wanted something summery for my trip this weekend though.  I am headed off to New Jersey tomorrow to see my sister and her kids.  I am helping move them to Florida.  It is going to be a very long drive with 2 kids, 2 cats, 2 dogs and my mother.  So, I wanted my "happy place" to be my nails so that I can look down at them and think of nothing but warm weather and the beach. 

Once again, I have turned to MixedMama for inspiration.  She never lets me down.  :)  I must confess though that I searched "beach nails" on Pinterest first.  I had several candidates, but MixedMama's Tropical Sunset Nails won my vote! 

Here is what I used for mine (same as MixedMama):
  • base coat = mellow yellow by Sally Hansen
  • gradient is mellow yellow, hot tamale (Pure Ice), lavender creme (Wet n Wild)
  • stamp(s) = BM-309
    • I used several colors for the stamping
      • black out (Pure Ice)
      • french kiss (Pure Ice)
      • turned up turquoise (China Glaze)
      • savage (Sinful Colors)
  • top coat = seche vite
Here is how it turned out.  Very summery (in my opinion)!  It reminds me of a popsicle I used to beg my mom for money to buy when I was a kid.  I think it was called a "torpedo pop" or something like that.

My favorite nail is my thumb on my right hand.  It is hard to get with the camera but here is what I was able to shoot:

And one more just because I think it is so pretty to look at!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pure Ice Haul

So, Nouveau Cheap posted on her blog (here) that Pure Ice is going to discontinue some of their shades.  Not wanting to miss out, I went to my local Walmart to see what I could grab.  I did pretty well!  I think there are only 5 that I am missing.  :)  I am only going to post pictures of these - you can check out my collection on the other tab up top.

I am in love with these!  I can't wait to try a couple of these for stamping and maybe some gradient work! 

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11/26/12 Nail Mail

Monday's nail mail is all about OPI!  Yay! 

Here is the first package:

Vanilla-zuela, Miso Happy with this Color, Suzi Sells Sushi by the Seashore

 The 2nd package today (super big treat for me!):

How do you like that tissue paper in the background?  Nice huh?  Let me break this down better for you.

I'm a Princess, You're Not!, Strawberry Margarita, Nutcracker Sweet, Azure for Sure
Princesses Rule!, Aphrodite's Pink Nightie, Significant Other Color, Go on Green!
As always, these are so gorgeous and I am thrilled with my ebay buy!  I only have one complaint: Princesses Rule! has a detached brush...the bristles are floating around in there.  Bummer - I guess I will just have to use a different brush for this one. 
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ode to MixedMama's Classy Nude & Black

I have said before that I don't have a lot of creativity.  I take large inspiration from other nail artists to come up with my looks.  With that being said, MixedMama is one of my favorite blog writers.  I love her nail art and I definitely try to emulate what she does.  This is my version of her "classy nude and black" post.  You can see/read it here

I used OPI's play the peonies as my base polish and stamped using Pure Ice's black out on BM11.  Follwed by a coat of Seche Vite. I hope I do her a little bit of justice with this copy cat design.  :)

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Sally's Beauty Supply Haul

I had a coupon to use at Sally's so I hit it up for a mini haul.  I spent only $20.  Here is what I got:
  • Giant bottle of acetone
  • Nail wheels
  • Finger Paints polish (Holiday 2012 collection)
    • Elves Bells
    • Sparkle Top Coat
    • Santa's Magic
    • Merry Mistletoe
  • Free clutch with purchase of polish

See my new Ottlite in the background?  Yeah, I love that!  I got that from Michael's on Thanksgiving for only $18.00!  Originally $60!  Sweet deal!  I love to justify spending money.

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11/23/12 Nail Mail

Today's nail mail is all about some Zoya!  The first one is a beautiful set from the Bibhu Mohapatra collection.  It came in a luxurious black velvet box too!  I love the simple things.  Anyway, it contained Rekha, Zeenat & Parveen.

Next up is a little bit of purple heaven!  There were 12 bottles in this package...one is a dupe and two are dupes of something I already have.  Who cares!  I still love them. From left to right: Adina, Lotus, Tru, Nimue & Neeka.  Dupes = swap opportunities!

Also in this package are some lovely neutrals.  And, as a bonus, a Matte Velvet!  From left to right: Lolly, Gaia, Skye, Pasha, Harley & Brizia.

I just love them...now I need to swatch them so I am officially caught up!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Swatch time...

Swatching is so time consuming when I fall behind!  It takes a long time to get myself organized and things in order.  The actual swatching doesn't take too much time though.  Here is some of what I am working on.  I am practically caught up but I needed more wheels - I will get those soon.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

11/21/12 Nail Mail

A little bit of nail mail to start off my Thanksgiving holiday!  Today I got a bottle of OPI's Last Friday Night  and Zoya Katherine, Paloma, Frida.  The Zoyas are lovely Jelly colors.


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Monday, November 19, 2012

11/19/12 Nail Mail

I love nail mail!  Today's special is some Orly and Zoya with a little Seche thrown in. 

  • Zoya Tallulah
  • Seche Recondition ("adds flexibility to fragile nails")
  • Seche Natural (matte finish)
  • Orly Mysterious Curse

The Orly mysterious curse is from the Dark Shadows collection and is just beautiful!  It is a duochrome that is purple then blue!  So, so pretty.

I can't wait to try them out!

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Walgreens Haul

Nouveou Cheap had posted on her blog that Walgreens had once again put their Sally Hansen polishes on clearance.  I can't refuse a deal so I hit it up!  Here is what I got!  I am not going to list out all of their names (unless someone asks me to), but you can see some pictures.  Who doesn't love pictures?

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