Friday, November 29, 2013

November Double Duty

I am using this manicure for two challenge entries.  Why?  Well, several reasons but mostly because of time.  This manicure was also pushing me to my frustration breaking point!  This really should have been a very simple one too!  Just a stamping manicure - no big deal, right?  Wrong!  Everything went wrong!  My stamp wouldn't pick up, I smudged the polish, I stamped completely crooked, etc., etc.  After many heavy sighs and yelling at my husband (his suggestions really weren't helping at the time - LOL), I got something presentable to share.

So, for the final Tri-Polish Challenge entry for November and the final entry to the 2013 Favorite Color Challenge in the Nail Challenge Collaborative, this is what I did:

I'm using these:
  • Blue: Sinful Colors Midnight Blue
  • Purple: China Glaze Fancy Pants
  • Grey: Orly Boho Bonnet
As per usual, I started with one coat of Milani White as a base color.  I then added 2 coats of Fancy Pants on all of my nails except the ring finger which is 2 coats of Boho Bonnet.  I wanted to use my new MoYou plates so the hubby and I collaborated on an image on Pro Collection - 01.

I chose not to get too many of the XL stamps because my nails are usually pretty short.  However, the MoYou images, for their regular sized ones, are still fairly small.  I was stuck between way too big and a little too small.  With having a squishy stamper, I have learned to stretch the image a bit to better fit the larger nails (thumb, middle finger).  I used Midnight Blue to stamp over the purple and Fancy Pants to stamp over the grey.

After some manipulation, I got these to work fairly well.  Also, because the images are etched so deep on these plates, they have to be picked up slightly differently on the stamper.  I found that rolling the stamper over the image got the best results.

I can't believe I managed to use all 3 polishes in every manicure this month!  What a way to wrap up November!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

November Tri-Polish Challenge #3

It is another Pinterest inspired look for today's mani.  LOL!  You can see it here.  I had to break out the tape again for this one - and a dotting tool.

Here is a refresher to what I used:

I'm using these:
  • Blue: Sinful Colors Midnight Blue
  • Purple: China Glaze Fancy Pants
  • Grey: Orly Boho Bonnet
I started with my usual undie polish - Milani White.  I just use one coat to get a light base but I don't worry about great coverage.

I then put 2 coats of either the blue or purple shades on all of my nails.  I then put a layer of Seche Vite on there to help with the taping portion of this look.

Working on one nail at a time, I taped off a triangle shape at the base of the nail and added 2 coats of the grey shade (immediately removing the tape, while the polish is still wet).  Once that was dry, I added two dots of the opposite color and topped it all off with another coat of Seche Vite.

It is super cute and the color saturation of the blue and purple is amazing!  It really looks so luxe!  Today I was complimented on my work and was asked if it was a "gel" polish because it looks bullet proof!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

November Tri-Polish Challenge #2

For this one, I decided to try another new-to-me technique from The Nailasaurus: Waterfall.

I'm using these:
  • Blue: Sinful Colors Midnight Blue
  • Purple: China Glaze Fancy Pants
  • Grey: Orly Boho Bonnet

I started with 1 coat of Milani White as an undie polish to make the grey really pop.  I then put 2 coats of the grey on each nail.

After a coat of Seche Vite to help dry the base color, I used a small nail art brush to carefully add each line of color with the blue and purple colors. I added a little black and white to the stripes for extra pop!

One final coat of Seche Vite to seal it all in.  These colors work great together and I am pleased with the outcome!  This is another technique I will want to try again!

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November Tri-Polish Challenge #1

It's time to start the monthly Tri-Polish Challenge with the Crumpets.  I am trying a new-to-me technique introduced to me by The Nailasaurus.  Nimbus.

This month is Blue, Purple, and Grey.  Here is what I used:

  • Blue: Sinful Colors Midnight Blue
  • Purple: China Glaze Fancy Pants
  • Grey: Orly Boho Bonnet

I started with 2 coats of Milani White on each nail.  Following the tutorial from The Nailasaurus (here), I started with the darkest color and went right to it.  I dotted each layer in random places on each nail.

I found it a bit challenging to get it exactly like I wanted it, but I learned a few things while at my first attempt.  Start dark!  I thinned it out a bit too much to start.

I actually love how it turned out and will definitely be trying this technique again.

I topped it off with one coat of Seche Vite.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2013 Favorite Color Challenge #3

More purple!  I love this challenge and it has made me appreciate all of the purple polishes I have in my stash.  Once again, I have justification for my hoarding skills.  LOL

Today I used:
  • China Glaze Grape Pop
  • Zoya Perrie
  • China Glaze C-C-Courage

I started with a base coat and 1 coat of Milani White as an undie.  2 coats of Zoya Perrie on all of my fingers except the ring finger.  There, I used 2 coats of China Glaze C-C-Courage.  

I applied one coat of Seche Vite to seal in the color before stamping.  I used CH6 with China Glaze Grape Pop to stamp.  I love this image!

I topped everything off with one more layer of Seche Vite.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

2013 Favorite Color Challenge #2

My 2nd mani for this challenge is also my 2nd attempt at this technique.  A Jelly Stampwich is such a cool concept and I so want to be able to do it.  Katee at A Girl And Her Polish does a phenomenal job at them!  I got my inspiration for this look here.

What I used:
  • Zoya Paloma
  • OPI Designer...De Better!
  • Milani White on the Spot
  • Milani Black Swift

I started with one coat of Zoya Paloma, then stamped RA-113 alternating fingers with the black and white. On top of the stamping, I followed up with 2 more coats of Zoya followed by a coat of my trusty Seche Vite.

I used the OPI on my thumb as an accent nail.  It is a really pretty gold with pink shimmer in it.

I have to say that these polishes typically stamp really well.  I struggled with the plate.  I haven't been overly fond of my Red Angel plates.  I am not sure if I got a bad batch of them or if it is user error, but this one was a bit of a challenge.

Overall, I really like how it came out.  I wish the stamping had been a bit more defined...

I will definitely be trying this technique again.  I love the subtlety of it!

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Monday, November 4, 2013

2013 Favorite Color Challenge #1

November is "Favorite Color" themed in The Nail Challenge Collaborative group.  This is really hard to do!  As you know, I am a lover of all polish so to choose 1 is really hard.  I suppose that is the definition of a "challenge" anyway.  I went with purple as I have a lot of purple polishes and they need some love and affection.  I found some inspiration on Pinterest for this look (here) and let me say that it was a technical challenge for me.

In case you are wondering how I swatch my polishes: I use swatch sticks.  I love that I can easily compare polishes and put them together.  Here was my take on the 4-square color block idea:

Polishes used in this manicure:

  • Milani White as an undie polish
  • Sephora by OPI Sin-cerely Violet
  • Sephora by OPI Who's Spinning Tonight?
  • Sinful Colors Tempest
  • China Glaze Rendezvous With You
  • Seche Vite (lots of it)
I put 1 coat of Milani White on my nails followed by 2 coats of Sephora by OPI Sin-cerely Violet, topped with one coat of Seche Vite.  Once dry, I taped off one panel at a time and painted 2 coats of polish then a layer of Seche Vite.  
This was a time consuming manicure and I had some learnings along the way.  No matter how careful I am, I get bleeding under the tape.  I learned to not be afraid to clean it up once the tape has been removed with a little bit of acetone.  Since the Seche Vite layer is there, it comes up pretty easily.
After a LOT of tape, I think it came out pretty darn good for my first attempt.  I hope you like it!

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