Friday, November 29, 2013

November Double Duty

I am using this manicure for two challenge entries.  Why?  Well, several reasons but mostly because of time.  This manicure was also pushing me to my frustration breaking point!  This really should have been a very simple one too!  Just a stamping manicure - no big deal, right?  Wrong!  Everything went wrong!  My stamp wouldn't pick up, I smudged the polish, I stamped completely crooked, etc., etc.  After many heavy sighs and yelling at my husband (his suggestions really weren't helping at the time - LOL), I got something presentable to share.

So, for the final Tri-Polish Challenge entry for November and the final entry to the 2013 Favorite Color Challenge in the Nail Challenge Collaborative, this is what I did:

I'm using these:
  • Blue: Sinful Colors Midnight Blue
  • Purple: China Glaze Fancy Pants
  • Grey: Orly Boho Bonnet
As per usual, I started with one coat of Milani White as a base color.  I then added 2 coats of Fancy Pants on all of my nails except the ring finger which is 2 coats of Boho Bonnet.  I wanted to use my new MoYou plates so the hubby and I collaborated on an image on Pro Collection - 01.

I chose not to get too many of the XL stamps because my nails are usually pretty short.  However, the MoYou images, for their regular sized ones, are still fairly small.  I was stuck between way too big and a little too small.  With having a squishy stamper, I have learned to stretch the image a bit to better fit the larger nails (thumb, middle finger).  I used Midnight Blue to stamp over the purple and Fancy Pants to stamp over the grey.

After some manipulation, I got these to work fairly well.  Also, because the images are etched so deep on these plates, they have to be picked up slightly differently on the stamper.  I found that rolling the stamper over the image got the best results.

I can't believe I managed to use all 3 polishes in every manicure this month!  What a way to wrap up November!

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