Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Skittle (pic heavy)

I am so glad that we are doing something extra cheerful for this week's Let it Snow! challenge.  I do love my pinks and purples.  When looking at my swatch wheels, I have 10 pink wheels and 9 purple.  Lots to choose from!  I was so excited to see a youtube video from soguesswhat11 that had a pink/purple mani tutorial.  She is one of my faves!  I love her little nails!  Since I try to keep mine short, I can typically do the stamps she chooses.  Here is her video if you want to look at it.

It wasn't planned to do a skittle but, while working, things sometimes just take a life of their own.  Here is my left hand:

I used 4 polishes total.  The stamps and embellishments are different though.
  • White = Pure Ice Superstar! I used 2 coats of this for the sponged nails.
  • Purple = Sally Hansen Good to Grape
  • Pink = Wet 'n Wild Tickled Pink
  • Silver = Revlon Silver Dollar
  • Seche Vite as the top coat
I am going to break it down by finger too...yay!

Here is my left thumb:

  • This is a gradient with the purple & pink (duh) and the stamp is BM317.  I am pretty proud of how I got the opposite colors lined up on this one!
Here is my left forefinger:

  • Same Gradient, different direction.  Also stamped with BM317 using Revlon Silver Dollar.
Left middle finger:

  • Stamped with Mash-48
Left ring finger:

  • Same gradient different direction.  LOL
Left pinkie:

  • Stamped with BM02
Time for the right hand:

Right thumb:

  • A little blurry, but it is stamped with CH15 using both the pink & purple.
Right forefinger:

  • Stamped with BM317 using Pure Ice Superstar!
Right middle finger:

  • Different gradient!  Used the pink & white and stamped with the purple using RA-110.
Right ring finger:

  • Stamped with BM317
Right pinkie:

  • Stamped with CH9 using the silver.  The purple heart addition is thanks to my Niece, Ashley.  She is 5 and this made her so happy to see her idea come to life.
I love how similar all of the nails are but they are all different too.  Here is to a happy Valentines Day to every one of you.

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