Saturday, February 23, 2013

Classic French

It has been so long since I have done a french manicure!  I just felt like something simple.  So, I decided to do an old fashioned french. 

I will tell you what I used for this look.  As I have mentioned before, I get annoyed with Color Club because they don't label the bottom of their bottles all of the time!  So, I got these in a bundle pack and will tell you what I think their names are.

I used 2 coats of Oh Naturale and one coat of Pardon my French for the tips.  I cheat when it comes to doing my tips because my freehand is not so good.  After I put a layer of Seche Vite over the pink color, I did the tips.  I added a coat of Wet 'n Wild Hallucinate for the glitter effect.  I used some sequins to accent a couple of the nails.  I was mostly playing around with them to see what I could produce.  It's not to shabby.  I really like my flower.  LOL.  I then topped everything off with another layer of Seche Vite.

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