Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fireside Glow

This week's theme in the Let it Snow! Challenge is "Fireside Glow".  Let me tell you that this one was hard to be creative with.  I had a brilliant idea that took me DAYS to come up with.  I went to experiment with it and it turned into an epic fail.  I was really bummed so, now that I was down to the wire to get it done, I went with plan "b".  Actually, where I ended up was plan "f".  This is how it goes sometimes.  Anyway, I love how it came out.  It is a beautiful gradient.  The photos don't do it justice.  Someday, my hubby will build my lightbox for me.  :)

The way I pictured this was a warm yellow at the bottom which gradually progressed into darkness.  It is there, but it is subtle.  I used a sponge method to get this look.  I layered all of the colors together on a makeup sponge and applied all at once.  I think 3 coats would have been better than the 2 I finished on. 

Here is what I used:

From Left to Right: I started with a base coat of Sally Hansen's Beige Blast.  The gradient is comprised of the other polishes shown.  This is the order I used them as well...Sally Hansen's Amber Ruby, Pure Ice Iced Copper, Milani Metallic Mango, Pure Ice Hot Tamale, Milani Golden Goddess, Milani Good Morning Sunshine.

 It is a relatively low-key mani for me.  But it will make a good base to build from during the week.  :)

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