Thursday, March 7, 2013

Winter Ombre

I am so glad to finally be writing this post up!  I am behind because life has gotten in the way of my hobby.  So, for this week's Let it Snow! Challenge, it is a winter ombre or gradient.  I have been doing a lot of gradients lately so I went with an ombre look.  I was also tired of working blue into the mix - and I knew that the next one was all about blue - so I decided to go with greys.  I swear the sun is hiding from us in Buffalo!  If the sun comes out, it is only for a partial day.  It is very grey here so it is appropriate for my nails to reflect it. 
 Here is what I am wearing here:
  • Thumb = Color Club Muse-ical
  • Forefinger = China Glaze Immortal
  • Middle = American Apparel Factory Grey
  • Ring = China Glaze  Pelican Grey
  • Pinkie = Sally Hansen Ion
I love each of these colors!  Who knew I had so many grey polishes?  I think my husband knew...LOL!
I went in the opposite color direction on my other hand and got a little more creative with the designs.  So I started with the same colors on the same fingers but put the opposite color on top.  I used my new striping tape from ebay to make the designs.

 I used my new sequins from the bornprettystore.com for the middle finger.  I love these!!!  They are tiny so you can put a bunch on there without it looking weird.  I love the thumb stripe!  I don't even know how I got that super fine line in there with the tape.  It's cool though!

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