Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Husband's Choice: A Touch of Gold

Since I wasn't working with a theme for this manicure, I let my husband have free reign on a design choice.  He loves the stamps so he went to browsing through the catalog for ideas.  I knew I was going to go more neutral in color with this one so I was willing to work with what he picked out.  He was picking out all of these mustache stamps for me.  I pretty much overruled his decision and went with a full image stamp.  He wanted me to note on this blog post that the stamp in this manicure was NOT his choice.  It's OK - I liked it.  :)
  • Color Club Turn The Other Chic
  • butter LONDON The Full Monty
I used 3 thin coats of the Color Club polish on all of my nails except my ring finger where I used 2 coats then 2 coats of the butter LONDON.
I sealed the polish with one coat of Seche Vite and let that completely dry before stamping.
I used BM-404 on all of my nails (except the ring finger) using The Full Monty.  This polish didn't stamp to its full opacity but it still came out stunning!  My hubby chose the colors (from a limited selection shown) which are all in my untried pile.  The butter LONDON polish was a gift to me (from him) for Christmas this year.  It is part of a 2012 Olympics 3 pack.  He was very proud to bring home butter LONDON to me.  LOL  He tries so hard to support my habit.  I love him for that!
This was pretty hard to capture in photos as it is a very subtle manicure.  I love it and it was nice to wear something so muted for a change.  Not to worry - there will be more color next time.  I love neutral manis and I need to do more of them!

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