Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Teal Surprise

What I have to show you today was such a pleasant surprise!  I didn't have too much direction for a theme this time around but I had seen some amazing blue manis so that is what I used for my inspiration.  So, I went to my untried blue swatch sticks and randomly picked one as a base.  From there I thought: "oooohhhh a semi-nautical stamping theme would be good".  So, I then grabbed a dark blue that I thought would go well and a glitter for the accent nail.  This literally took me 30 seconds to make the decision on these polishes!  I love it when a plan just starts to unfold!

  • Sinful Colors Love Nails
  • OPI Gone Gonzo!
  • American Apparel Passport Blue
I used a black base for this manicure (new for me).  I started with my usual base coat followed by 1 coat of Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris.  Then I added 2 coats of Love Nails.  This is where I was so pleasantly surprised!  My swatch stick shows this as a somewhat sheer BLUE!  When I put my swatch stick down on my photo tent background, I really liked how the blue "popped", so that is why I used a black base.  I just wasn't expecting to get a teal color rather than a blue tone.  
On to the stamping: I was really timid about how it would turn out because of the color swap but I went for it!  OMG!  I love how it turned out!  I used MoYou Sailor Collection - 03 for all of my nails in the Passport Blue.
I used 2 coats of Gone Gonzo! as my glitter accent nail.  Everything has a layer of Seche Vite for added shine and seal.  I'm super pleased with this one!

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