Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Victorian Look?

I am not a very creative person.  I have talked about this with my friends who try to convince me otherwise.  My whole life is structured.  I do pretty much everything according to the directions provided.  I do not deviate from the cooking instructions on the box of macaroni & cheese for crying out loud.  My other hobby is cross-stitch embroidery.  I am very good at it.  I have perfected my craft over the last 20+ years.  But, again, that is by following the directions provided - as exactly as I can interpret them.

OK - so getting to the manicure part of this blog - I knew I wanted to do something with the colors of brown and orange but had no idea just what that might be.  I ended up looking through my book of plates and my nail wheels and came up with something really interesting.  I had absolutely no idea it would turn out this way, but I really like it.  It looks like Victorian wall paper or drapes or something like that.  You know that fabric that has a pattern in it that is kind of raised and a different texture?  I think they made drapes and bedspreads out of it.  Anyway, that is what it reminds me of. 

Here is what I used:
  • Poshe as my base coat
  • Brown: Buried Alive by Orly
  • Orange: Metallic Mango by Milani
  • Plate: Red Angel 104
  • Top Coat: Seche Vite
I really struggled to get  a decent photo of this to share.  I just can't shoot my right hand with the way my camera is designed (my short stubby fingers won't reach the shutter button while holding it with my left hand).  Hopefully, you can see the subtlty of the design.

Indoors with sunlight



Happy Veterans Day!  Tomorrow is my grandparents 70th wedding anniversary.  Unfortunately, my grandpa passed away in September.  Thankfully, my mom is there with my grandma to get her through a tough day.

Thanks for viewing!

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