Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Nails

I have been really quiet on here lately.  You know how it goes: things get busy and/or you just get lazy.  That is me...lazy.  It's OK though.  I am building up to a big plan for January.  I am not too sure how my nail art will be affected, but there are more things to life than my nail polish affection.  I'll get to that stuff later.  :) 

I wanted to see if I could improve this layout a bit - I like what I found.  I am such a novice that I can't believe this layout was even out there - just for me to plug in here.  How cool!

Here is what I managed to conjure up for my Christmas manicure.  I am still struggling with perfecting the water marble technique.  I will get it eventually.  These came out pretty neat - even though I ended up using polishes completely different than my original intent.  Like I said, I am still learning over here. 

This is what I used to get this work of art:
  • Base polish is Au Champagne by Orly
  • Water marble colors:
    • green = SaGreena The Teenage Witch by Wet N Wild
    • white (&gold shimmer) = White Cap by China Glaze
    • red = Sample Sale by Sephora by OPI
I topped this off with a coat of Seche Vite.

Thanks for visiting!

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