Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hiding the Addiction

Now, I don't do anything special for storing my polishes but I am posting this blog as a special request from one of my besties. 

Back before my addiction really became prevalent, my wonderful husband built me a nail polish rack.  We went to Lowe's & Home Depot and picked out the necessary supplies and paint - it was a family day.  I provided way more input than I really wanted to but it came out really awesome, so I am not complaining.  At the time, we thought one would be plenty and we had just the spot to put it - in a little vanity alcove in our bedroom.  Here is what that looks like:

As my love for polish grew, so did my need to stash it!  My hubby doesn't like to see it - out of sight, out of mind!  I had read other blogs and had heard about "Helmers".  Those are drawers that are found at Ikea.  While an Ikea isn't too far from me, it is in Canada!  If you only knew the tax rate up there and then the duty I would have to pay to bring it back into the US - NO THANKS!  Well, I had heard others talk about a decent substitute at Michael's, so that is where I headed.  I started with one as they aren't that cheap...but quickly needed another.  Then, on Black Friday I got 2 more for 13.99 each!  Total deal.  So, now that everything is set up and I am working toward a "no buy" in January, I think I am under control with the 4 I have now. 

Here is my other station:

The rack holds about 300 polishes.  The drawers contain another 500 or so.  I also keep my stamps and other nail necessities in there.  Everything is nicely out of sight for my hubby and I can easily find everything I need.

So, Lori, this is how I hide (store) everything!

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  1. I am in love with that storage idea! It looks like store shelves! Thanks for sharing! I have a bunch of those Michael's drawers, but they look prettier in the open display!