Sunday, December 9, 2012

Minnie Mouse!

I'm gonna do this blog a little backwards...I am going to show my nails then my inspiration.  :)

I am headed to Florida in the morning to spend the birthdays of my mom and my niece at Disney.  Really, it is all about my niece who will be 5!  She wants a Rapunzel birthday party.  Both my niece and my nephew (2) love Minnie Mouse, so that is the inspiration I used for my mani this week. 

I used:
  • red base color/stamp = Wet n Wild Red Red
  • white base color/stamp = Pure Ice Superstar!
  • black polish = Pure Ice Black Out
  • polka-dot stamp = BM19
  • bow stamp = CH1

I used a stamp for the dots but it didn't come out strong enough so I went back over it with a dotting tool and the white polish.  I did the ears free hand (kind of).  I found some stamps that had good curves to them and laid them down as a template for the "ears" and then filled in with the black. The definition is lacking a bit.  I added the white dots over the black as you couldn't see the red too well over the black and it needed some contrast.  I would do the black head part differently next time.  I am on borrowed time as I type this up since my flight is in the morning and I haven't started packing yet.  It is already almost midnight! 

Here is my other inspiration.  This is the Minnie Mouse hat my step-daughter got the last time we were at Disney World. 

Oh, and here she is with Minnie:

OK, with that, I am off of this computer (after I check in for my flight) and fixin' to pack!

Thanks for visiting!

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