Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Nails - Husband's Choice: Zombies

Zombies?  I guess they are "hot" right now.  My spouse was looking forward to The Walking Dead season premier and he was excited to see the Holiday Bundle Monster plates I received.  Since he was so motivated, I allowed him to direct me.  He wanted a story so, it starts as a normal situation with a plain nail then moves right into a biohazard and blood.  Next is death followed by coming back from the dead as a zombie.  Ok, it is a loose interpretation,but he likes it.

I used a LOT of polish for this and mostly unnecessarily.  Here is a look at what I used:
I chose green to do a gradient look for a putrid kind of color.  The greens I chose looked great on the swatches together, but when applied barely showed any color variation.  That was kind of disappointing, but I continued on.  Here is what I used:

  • Pure Ice Superstar! - white undie polish
  • Kleancolor Melon Green - base green color and used in the gradient
  • Kleancolor Jazz Olive - used in green gradient
  • China Glaze Cha Cha Cha - used in green gradient & as a french tip
  • Orly Unlawful - red used on ring fingers and in stamp (BM-405)
  • Orly Monster Mash - green glitter used on middle finger
  • American Apparel Hunter - zombie hands (BM-H08) 
  • Color Club Kismet - used under the green glitter as the blood drip stamp (BM-405)
  • Pure Ice Silver Mercedes - RIP stamp on pointer finger (BM-H08)
  • Milani Black Swift - RIP stamp on other pointer finger (BM-H08) & Biohazard stamp on ring fingers (BM-418)
  • Milani White on the Spot - white skull stamp on ring fingers (Mash-29)
Now that that is over, here is what it looks like:
And, the other hand:
From far away it looks like Christmas...but then you get close up and it scares you.  LOL!  These were a hit at work and my husband is thrilled that he gets to participate a little.  You can bet that he will have input on the next Halloween look.  This is, after all, his favorite holiday.

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