Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January Tri-Polish Tuesday #2 (Inspired by a tutorial)

It's Tuesday!  I am so behind in getting this post written.  My wonderful husband decided to try and find some game cheat on my computer and now it is full of spamware and adware that I have to try and remove.  Gotta love him!  Anyway, I chose new polishes for this look as the textured polishes I used last time were more of a "one-time" deal.  :)
  • OPI Animal-istic
  • Pure Ice Twinkle
  • Orly Melodious Utopia
I started with one coat of my usual Milani White as an undie polish.  I then just started dabbing the colors on each nail randomly.  I used the Nimbus technique from The Nailasaurus for this one.  I have done this type before and I love the simplicity of it and that each nail looks different.  You can do so many different looks with this technique - it has quickly become one of my favorites!
Using a cotton swab, I just kept going until I was satisfied with the saturation.  This manicure reminds me of a notebook I once had in school - it is just light and fun.  Please pardon the nasty break on my middle nail!  I debated about cutting it before pictures but decided against it.  It is cut off now though.  :(

You can see the tutorial by clicking on her photo.

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