Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  I will admit that this "holiday" does nothing for me.  I just don't get into it.  I was always a "rebel" and refused to wear green visibly.  I just never liked being a "follower".  I would always tell my friends that my eyes were hazel and that should cover it.  LOL!  The population here in Buffalo is a lot of Irish or Polish.  I am neither.  Actually, I am not much of any nationality.  I'm a mutt, just like the dogs we had when I was growing up. 

Well, enough of that...on to the challenge!  It is the last week in the Let it Snow! challenge.  I am happy and sad about it.  I know we are moving on to another challenge next month, but these girls are amazing and I really have enjoyed being part of the group!  Here is my inspiration for this one.  Cutepolish has a tutorial on this look here.

I am super pleased with how this came out! There is so much free-hand in this, so it is good to know that my technique isn't too bad. 

I started with a base of some color "I have no idea what it is called" by Color Club.  I think it is number 1251 but I don't know a name.  *sigh*  I applied a coat of Seche Vite to expedite the drying process.  Then, I put tape on my nails diagonally across to paint the tips.  I forgot to do two things when doing this part: 1. remove most of the stickiness from the tape 2. do only 1 nail at a time!  I got some smudging but I covered most of it up with the art work.  The tips are 2 coats of Sally Hansen's Grass Slipper.  I quickly removed the tape for clean lines.  I let the polish dry thoroughly before the next step.  I used a striping brush from my Bundle Monster brush set for the accent colors.  I did the dark green lines in American Apparel Hunter.  The next part is incredibly interesting - to me.  I followed the tutorial by pulling out a white polish to do the lighter lines.  I used Milani White and as it dried, it turned yellow!  I swear the polish was dry when I did it, but it turned out yellow.  The ironic part is that I debated about using yellow for a brighter contrast...I got it anyway - so the surprise was pleasant.  :)  The diagonal line had kind of the same effect as the white.  It is a silver polish called Silver Dollar  by Revlon.  It turned gold on the green.  How awesome! 

I used some of my glequins to make the shamrocks instead of the way it is done in the tutorial.  I have so many of these things that I need to make good use of them.  They are so awesome to use!  I hope you like this one as much as I do!

P.S. the "yellow" got way brighter with time.  Now it looks like almost a neon yellow!  It looks even better.

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