Friday, March 22, 2013

March Madness (Haul)

OK.  What I am about to show you is addiction at its worst...  Now, this isn't a ton of polish but it is a lot to accumulate in less than a month.  I went on a "no-buy" in January and I did well (other than 2 OPI polishes I got for $1 each).  February was pretty good too.  I definitely showed some restraint.  I avoided stores that I know would be problematic for my "addiction".  March is a whole other story.  This is what I have added to my collection this month:

Here is how it started: I was at work one day and I just had this overwhelming desire to SHOP!  I fought it as best as I could BUT it was the day Ulta had butter LONDON's on sale for $9 each!  Come on!  How could I not go?  That experience was harsh, BTW.  I love every color by butter LONDON!  I had about $180 dollars worth in my bag that day.  I just couldn't spend that kind of money and not get a lot for it.  I know that butter LONDON is a really coveted brand but my pocketbook just can't get behind it.  So, I put back all but 4 butter LONDON polishes (that was painstaking).

Then I went by the Ulta brand polishes.  I didn't have any of those in my collection yet.  I checked them out and they looked pretty decent!  Those were on sale for 2/$4 when regularly $6 each!  DEAL!   With that I went for the Ulta's.  I walked out of there with a stellar deal!  Then I kept thinking about that sale...and proceeded to buy the entire collection.

As if this wasn't enough!  I found the entire Avant Garden collection by China Glaze on eBay for a decent amount of money.  I absolutely adore this collection so, of course, I had to take advantage of the deal...

I also took advantage of the clearance sale at Sally Beauty Supply.  I had a coupon to use too so I got a few other things in addition to polish, but those aren't shown here.  :P

OK, now on to the really bad but totally awesome purchase...  I had to go to the mall today.  I usually avoid that place like the plague, but at work today my underwire snapped in my bra.  My favorite bra.  It turns out that Cacique was having a flash sale today and I could get a replacement for under $20!  But, the sale started at 5pm and I had time to kill.  So, I went to my hidden polish gem store (you wouldn't think they had polish in this store - but they do and they have a LOT at good prices) to see what was on clearance.  I stumbled upon both the 2012 & 2013 holographic polishes by Color Club.  They weren't on clearance but I knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me so I snagged them.  ALL OF THEM!  Check it out:

With this purchase, I got 4 OPI Shatter polishes for free.

I have to be done now...oh, wait!  I have 3 more butter LONDON's on their way to my door.  There was an awesome deal on GMA this week for 3 pre-selected shades, so I got those too.  I think I am done now for a while.  That is, unless a really good deal comes my way...

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